• Have you experienced a foggy seaside morning slowly turning into a beautiful sunny autumn day? Have you wandered on the snowy dunes with snowshoes wondering the curved pines reminding you of arctic Lapland? Or are you a beach person looking for the best beach in Finland?

    Regardless of the season, you are always warmly welcome to enjoy Yyteri!

    Yyteri Beach is open every day throughout the whole year. Welcome!
  • All of the Yyteri Beach cottages are privately owned. You can purchase your own Finnish cottage from the holiday center.

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  • Service company Yyteri Sun Ltd provides hospitality services with almost 150 beds. Click Book for more information.
  • The first small rental cottages were built on the dunes of Yyteri in the mid-1930's. In 1940 plans were devised for also building a big spa hotel, but these had to be put aside due to the unfavourable circumstances of the time.

    1940's was a decade of Yyteri's increasing popularity among people outside the province as well as locals. Trains from further and further away were packed with people wanting to spend a day at the beach.

    The Yyteri holiday village came into being at the end of World War II, when the Finnish domestic appliance manufacturer Rosenlew established a resort in Yyteri for arranging summer camps for their employees. Some time later the area was modified by the Finnish paper corporation UPM-Kymmene, when Yyteri was made into a holiday village not open for the public until the recent years.

    Nature in the Yyteri area is unique. It is now part of the Natura 2000 Networking Programme, which aims to protect the vulnerable species of the area by preserving their habitats. Natura 2000 restricts building to the area to ensure that the beautiful, fragile nature of Yyteri will be preserved for generations to come.

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